We are looking for TYRE FITTER to join the team of workers for seasonal work in Norway.

Daily work for Tyre Fitter will consist of replacing worn or damaged tires in cars and other vehicles to make sure they are safe to drive.

To sum up, main tasks for this position:

  • Check tires for defects;

  • Replace or repair faulty tyres or parts;

  • Balance and re-align wheels;

  • Repair punctures, where possible;

A person in this position might work on vehicles ranging from cars and small vans to coaches and lorries. In addition, you might also go out to help colleagues if asked. Also, candidates with industrial tyre fitters experience would work on large vehicles such as forklift trucks, buses, diggers or agricultural vehicles. Finally, you'd use a combination of tools and computerized fault-finding equipment as part of your job.

Environment of workplace

A selected candidate for this position would need to work in a fully equipped and modern workshop. All of the colleagues are friendly and always prepared to help and guide.

Qualifications requirements

You do not need formal qualifications to enter this job. However, we require to have previous official work experience of similar job. In addition, above average knowledge of English language would be a big advantage.
100 NOK/hr before tax
• Repair damage to tires,
• Fit and balance new tires to vehicles,
• Small service,
• Maintaining a clean and professional job site,
• Help to tire fitter.
We Offer
• Long term contract;
• We guarantee your salary 100% on time;
• We cover all travelling expenses to Norway and home, also travelling expenses from home to work.
• We cover accommodation expenses, including internet and other facilities;
• All taxes paid in Norway;
• We help with Tax Return, Child Benefits and other legal issues;
• Free employment fee.

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