One of our partners in Rud (near Oslo city) who provide repair service for different brand trucks is currently looking for a TRUCK MECHANIC with a very good ELECTRICAL knowledge. A person will be required to work on a schedule of 14 work days/ 14 free days.

Truck electromechanic, is also known as diesel services technicians, electrics and mechanics. Daily work consists of performing a variety of tasks on heavy-duty trucks, large construction vehicles, buses and tractor trailers. They inspect, diagnose and repair brake systems, engines, electrical components, steering systems and transmissions.

For this position candidate must have good general mechanic skills to repair and replace parts on engine, chassis, brakes and etc. In addition, fixing electric problems will be part of the job so good electrical knowledge and skills are required. Good knowledge of JAL diagnostic system is also required.

165 NOK/hr +55 NOK/hr overtime (before tax)
• 4 year general mechanic experience;
• Previous experience with oil change, suspension, transmission, gearbox repair, belts and brakes replacement, bearing repair;
• Good knowledge of general electric part;
• Good English language skills;
• Recommendations.
We Offer
• We guarantee your salary 100% on time;
• We cover all travelling expenses to Norway and home, also travelling expenses from home to work;
• We cover accommodation expenses, including internet and other facilities;
• All taxes paid in Norway;
• We help with Tax Return, Child Benefits and other legal issues;
• No employment fee;

Please note that all communication and interviews will be held in English language.

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