We have several open positions for TRACTOR AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY MECHANICS to work in one of the biggest agricultural concerns across all over the Norway.

The workers are required to relocate to Norway and start working as soon as possible. Client will provide all necessary tools, equipment and clothing to work in their workshop. In case of need to go to service trucks on the farmers land all the transportable equipment as wee as the transportation will be provided.

Skills required:

  • Attention to Detail: Some parts need to be in the exact right place, or they will not work. Thus, being able to pay attention to the minute details of heavy equipment repair will be necessary.

  • Strength: Normally, tractor mechanics need to work with heavy and big parts. Some equipment can be extremely heavy and will take a lot of strength to move or manipulate.

  • Mechanical Skills: tractor mechanics will need familiarity with parts and components of complex machinery and engines. In addition, good knowledge of tools to fix them.

  • Technical Skills: tractor mechanics will need to be familiar with electronics, be able to read blueprints. Also, use electronic diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot repairs.

  • Manual Dexterity: Good hands and great hand-eye coordination help tractor mechanics be successful.

  • Troubleshooting Skills: tractor mechanics need to be able to look at mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems. Also, identify problems and think about possible solutions.

If you need more information please contact us.
168 NOK/hr before tax
• 5 year general mechanic experience;
• Good knowledge of engine and chassis repairs;
• Knowledge of hydraulic systems;
• Previous experience with oil change, suspension, transmission, gearbox repair, belts and brakes replacement, bearing repair;• Good English language skills;
• Repair of tools - seeders, waterers, gathering and other agricultural tools experience;
• Recommendations;

We Offer
• We guarantee your salary 100% on time
• We cover all travelling expenses to Norway and home, also travelling expenses from home to work
• We cover accommodation expenses, including internet and other facilities
• All taxes paid in Norway
• We help with Tax Return, Child Benefits and other legal issues
• No employment fee

Please note that all communication and interviews will be held in English language.

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