One of the biggest agricultural concerns in Norway is looking for tractor mechanic. Main duties will include servicing John Deer tractors in the workshop.

As a Tractor Mechanic you will need to work with John Deer vehicles and machines used in farming. On a daily basis you will need to inspect, repair and maintain them. Together with your colleagues you will need to work with the biggest engines and machines to make sure they continue to run safely at optimum efficiency.

To be successful at this job you need to know how to troubleshoot problems for John Deer equipment. Also, you need to be ready to get dirty when it comes to disassembling and reassembling engines and other components. However, you might need to do more than just engine repair, and must have knowledge of electrical systems, hydraulics, fuel and brake lines and more.

Workshop is in Bodo city with separate working space. All necessary tools and clothing will be provided.

Skills required:
• Attention to Detail: Some parts need to be in the exact right place, or they will not work. Being able to pay attention to the minute details of heavy equipment repair will be necessary.
• Strength: Heavy is big part of the job. Some equipment can be extremely heavy and will take a lot of strength to move or manipulate.
• Mechanical Skills: tractor mechanics will need familiarity with parts and components of complex machinery and engines, as well as the tools to fix them.
• Technical Skills: Heavy equipment mechanics will need to be familiar with electronics, be able to read blueprints, or use electronic diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot repairs.
• Manual Dexterity: Good hands and great hand-eye coordination help heavy equipment mechanics be successful.
• Troubleshooting Skills: Heavy equipment mechanics need to be able to look at mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems, identify problems, and think about possible solutions.

If you need more information please contact us.
200 NOK/hr before tax
• 5 year general mechanic experience;
• Good knowledge of engine and chassis repairs;
• Knowledge of hydraulic systems;
• Previous experience with oil change, suspension, transmission, gearbox repair, belts and brakes replacement, bearing repair;• Good English language skills;
• Repair of tools - seeders, waterers, gathering and other agricultural tools experience;
• Recommendations;
We Offer
• Salary 100% on time;
• Friendly international team;
• Free recruitment;
• Free insurance;
• Arranging housing and travelling;
• All taxes paid in Norway, all social guaranties;
• Assigned “Europex” contact person support.

Please note that all communication and interviews will be held in English language.

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