We are looking for an experienced tile fitters-setters to work in Oslo, Norway.

Tile fitters are responsible for installing tiles. They cut tiles using several different tools, including tile scribes, wet saws and handheld tile cutters. Tile fitters lay tiles in evenly spread mortar, ensuring precision, clean edges and straight lines. In addition, worker will need to do other duties that include taking measurements and cleaning and leveling the surfaces where the tiles are to be laid.

Daily work for will consist of doing the following:
• Clean and level the surface;
• Measure and cut tiles;
• Arrange tiles according to design plans;
• Prepare and apply mortar or other adhesives;
• Install tile in a planned area;
• Apply grout with a rubber trowel;
• Wipe off excess grout and apply necessary finishes, such as sealants.

Work environment:

Tile fitting work will be done after most of the other construction is completed. So the work area will be clean and uncluttered. Also, all of the places where a workers will need to work are located close to each other in one neighborhood.

Education and Training

We are looking for Tile fitters with great skills and previous experience. However, we do not require any official certificates of education. Likewise, training will not be provided on sight. Thus, only professional Tile fitters will be considered for this position.
205 NOK/hr before tax
• Hands-in experience of at least few years;
• Know and speak at least average English.
• Valid driving license;
• Recommendations, certificates and pictures of previous work.
We Offer
• SALARY - legal employment in Norway and social guarantees;
• TRAVELING - we help to find cheaper tickets for traveling to and from Norway
• ACCOMMODATION - we can help to find accommodation according to your needs;
• LEGAL MATTERS - tax return, children money and other legal issues;
• EUROPEX GUARANTEE - salary 100 % on time
• NO employment fee.

For more information please call at +37061935699, +4796728468 , or contact me at

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