Please read these frequently asked questions about our company, services we provide and our job conditions.

Why does Europex company operate?
We believe that everyone can do their favorite work and receive adequate remuneration for it.
What is EUROPEX?
Eeuropex UAB is a company recruiting professionals from all over Europe in a Norwegian market.

Our clients are one of the largest auto service networks in Norway: MECA, Mekonomen, AutoIn, FirstStop, etc. In addition, we are also working with the construction, logistics and other service sectors. As a result, we have contracts with our clients and according to their listed requirements we recruit the best specialists for work in Norway.

There are no employment or any other (CV translation, etc.) fees.
YES. There are no recruitment fees. You just need to sign a contract with us to start working. In addition, according to ILO Convention on Private Employment Agencies No. 181 Article 7, which states, “Private employment agencies shall not directly or indirectly require that employees fully or partly pay any fees or cover any costs”. Thus, the employer cannot charge the employee with the employment fee.
What do I need in order to apply for “EUROPEX” offered job positions?
In order to become an employee of our company, you need to send your resume with photo (CV) to and we will inform the selected candidates.
What is the duration of an employment contract?
We usually offer open-ended contract for most of our positions. However, an exception is for seasonal and project work where we can specify the duration of a contract in advance.
Is the knowledge of English or Norwegian language required?
Employees are working in Norway, so they must know English or Norwegian language.
Job is legal and all taxes are paid in NORWAY.
YES. All our offered jobs are legal, as a result, employees pay all taxes in Norway.

Some usual questions about benefits that we provide:

The travels Lithuania-Norway, house – work, are arranged by us.
YES. We always help our employees find the best way to travel. Unless, employee wants to look for it on his own.
Accommodation with the Internet connection is provided.
Yes, we take care of the accommodation with the Internet.
Salary is paid once a month and always on time.
Yes, we always pay salary on time and provide EUROPEX 100% guarantee.
Whom should the employee contact with any question?
Employees have their own assigned contact person.
How much does life in Norway cost?
Depending on your lifestyle, but tentatively our employees spend 200-500 Euros on food per month.

If you did not find your answer here please contact us by email or phone.