Working in the Norwegian Car Services

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2020 September 18
How the Norwegians work (photo galery)
2020 September 18
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Working in the Norwegian Car Services

We are happy to have loyal and reliable clients who provide jobs in Norway since 2006 and entrust us, UAB Europex (previously known as Business Solutions International), with the search and recruitment of employees.

International experience and other advantages.

Today, candidates are interested in job opportunities in Norway not only due to better pay, but also because of better working conditions and international experience. A diverse team enables employees to develop their language skills. Many employees are often pleasantly surprised when they see their workplace. Car repair and maintenance centre facilities are large and spacious – adapted for cars and trucks of various sizes. Employees will work with the latest car, electric car and truck models (usually up to 3 years old). New, modern equipment, and lots of available jobs. A tidy environment, and very clean workplaces.
Excellent, organised work distribution within the team. How the Norwegians work (photo gallery) >>>

In addition to the listed advantages of working in Norway, we would like to mention another important benefit – we take care of all the candidates that we employ. Candidates receive full support: recruitment, accommodation, coverage of travel expenses, timely payment of salaries, handling of required documents, and consultations.

We take pride in our loyal workers.

We are pleased with our loyal employees who go to Norway every season and are often joined by their friends or relatives. Our longest ongoing friendship and cooperation with our recruited specialist has been 10 years. This is a significant evaluation of our company which we are particularly proud of.

Reviews of Darius ir Marius (click on the name).

Most searched employees: car mechanics, electricians, car body workers, paint preparation specialists, car painters, truck mechanics, electronic diagnostics, camper mechanics, car washers, tyre fitters, PDR specialists, heavy machinery specialists.

For seasonal jobs: tyre fitting, car washing, polishing.

Work are suitable for Lithuanians and European Union citizens.

Countries we apply for jobs in Norway: Lithuania, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Latvia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Romania, France, Slovakia , Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Ireland.

There are plenty of opportunities for those who want them.

The benefits of a job abroad (temporary or long-term), particularly in Scandinavian countries such as Norway, is undeniable. We say: where there’s a will, there’s always a way. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and become part of a team even for those who do not have experience, but are responsible and passionate about their work.

How to fill out our candidate form?

Those travelling every year to Norway for work say that the first step is the most intimidating one, which is making a decision to change your everyday life. Those who hesitate are offered temporary seasonal work under contract. You can take 1-2 months of unpaid leave at your current workplace. If the employee puts in the effort, is responsible and good at his job, temporary contracts may be extended and a long-term employment contract is offered. We have many such examples.

Contact us and we will select the right job position for you where you will feel safe together with our assembled team.

We are currently assembling a team of tire fitters to work in various cities across Norway! Start: from the middle/end of October. Duration 1-2 months. Salary around 125 NOK/hour (before taxes). Please leave your contact details, even if you are only considering whether to become a candidate. We will contact you first as the work season approaches.

Looking forward to yours CV .
For more information call +370 619 35 699.