How the Norwegians work (photo galery)
2020 September 18
Peržiūrėti visus

Work in Norway for tyre fitters

Seasonal work abroad, in Norway.

Every year in spring (March-April) and autumn (October), the tire fitting season in Norway begins. For Norwegians, this period is a several-months-long challenge to get the job done properly and on time. During that period, foreigners have attractive opportunities for work and international experience. We wrote about it in the article “Working in a Norwegian car
service – an invaluable experience.

Why are we talking about opportunities and experience?

Working in Norway exceeds working conditions in Lithuania. The premises of car repair and maintenance centers are large, suitable for machines and trucks of various sizes. The latest (usually up to 3 years old) cars, electric cars, tractors are usually the primary focus of work. New, modern equipment, lots of vacancies. The environment is tidy, the workplaces are very
clean. Excellent, organized distribution of work in a team, large volumes of work. Language skills are developed in a mixed team. To a small extent, what we talk about is reflected in the photos we collect. Take a look at the photo gallery “How Norwegians work”.


Jobs in Norway (videos):

  • We visit one of the largest clients in Oslo. The video captures workspaces.
  • A small town near Oslo. Very nice place for work and leisure after work.
  • Another place where tires are changed and cars are washed.

For job seekers.

If you have professional experience in changing tires, let us know. We have been working in the market since 2006, we have loyal, reliable customers who provide vacancies. Selected candidates, who meet the customer’s expectations are employed in a Norwegian company, so all social guarantees are provided. Depending on the job positions, we often provide round-trip tickets and find accommodation. Recruitment costs nothing extra!

If you are interested in working in Norway, but have not found a suitable job position at the moment, send your CV by e-mail: