Cost of Living in Norway
2020 September 18
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How to Get a Job in Norway?

How to Get a Job in Norway?

It is difficult to tell whether there finding a job in Norway is a difficult task or not, because it depends on a lot of circumstances. Norway has strict work laws and regulations, and the procedures can sometimes be overwhelming even for EU residents. So how to get a job in Norway?

Why working in Norway is so attractive?

In general, the primary reason is the wages. Norway has one of the highest wage levels in the world, and strict labor laws, which ensure good working conditions – five weeks of paid holiday a year, a paid maternity and paternity leave, and other social benefits.

Also, if we compare the wage levels of Eastern European countries, which are not that far away (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland), the wage levels are sometimes 5-7 times higher than in those countries. Therefore many people choose to work in Norway rather than in their home country.

What is the downside?

What often gets overlooked is the cost of living in Norway. The country has a progressive tax system, which means that the income tax is on average 36%. The living costs are also much higher than in many other countries, and taxes on luxury items such as expensive cars can be over 100%. Also, some sectors require acquiring special work permits, such as Bygge ID-kort for the construction industry workers. All the bureaucracy can make your experience in Norway rather confusing.

How to become employed?

There are different ways to find jobs. One is browsing the ads, asking for help from friends and trying to find connections in Norway. This has a few problems – Norwegians are rather nationalistic, therefore they require you to know at least the basics of Norwegian language. Also, it is difficult to find a decent job without any references. Thirdly, the documentation procedures can sometimes be overwhelming.

Another way is working through an agency. Some agencies offer their help in finding a job, and then take a fixed fee, and the worker is employed directly. Others take a commission off the wage of the worker. The benefits that agencies usually include finding a job and dealing with administration of all the documentation. Some offer free travel, accommodation, and other benefits.

What does Europex offer?

Europex hires workers in the automotive industry (car mechanics, painters, bodywork specialists, PDR’s, etc.) and construction industry workers (carpenters, brick layers, concrete workers, etc.). Along with all the administrative work (documentation and registration, Bygge ID-kort registration, etc.), Europex also offers free housing and compensations for transportation to the workplace. Also, Europex pays for four worker’s trips back home a year.

One requirement that is compulsory for all the workers is sufficient command of English language. Norwegian is not required in most of the vacancies. Other requirements depend on the client’s needs.

If you are interested in working in Norway, see the jobs we offer, and send us your resume. We will contact you as soon as we find you a well-matching place to work.