We help you get a job in Norway. We provide fast and high-quality recruitment services.

We have been in the market since 2006. We are trusted by our clients for our fast, reliable and effective services and assistance to companies in finding perfect-match employees. 92% of our selected workers are successful at first try. We are pleased to be able to work with reliable and valuable companies.

Why accept our job offers? International experience in the Norwegian labor market is the first promising step towards a better life. Dare to try. We will help you not only to discover / work your favorite job, gain international experience, but also offer all kinds of support and security after employment.

Open positions

Works in Norwegian car service and construction.

Frequently asked questions:

We believe that everyone can work on their favorite job and get a proper salary for it. In our opinion, international experience is the first step towards a better life.

EUROPEX is a company that recruits professionals from all over Europe in the Norwegian market.
Our customers are among the largest car service chains in Norway: MECA, Mekonomen, AutoIn, FirstStop and so on. We also work with the construction, logistics and other service sectors. We have contracts with clients and we employ the best specialists to work in Norway according to their requirements.

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YES. There are no recruitment fees. To start working with EUROPEX, you sign an employment contract. Under Article 7 of ILO Convention No 181 on Private Employment Agencies, ‘Private employment agencies may not, directly or indirectly, require workers to pay all or part of taxes or any other costs’.

You need to send your CV with a photo to cv@europex.lt We will inform the selected candidates.



Safe and secure employment. We have known our partners who offer jobs for many years.


We take care of everyone who is employed through EUROPEX. We organize trips to the country and the workplace. We often take care of accommodation, sometimes travel expenses (adjusted for work).


Opportunity to contact us with questions of concern (in case of questions about work, taxes, problems in the country, etc.)


Quick and constructive response to inquiries and requests.