Get to know more about employee benefits and what our administration team does to make your work and life in Norway easier. However, please contact us by phone if you want to discuss it in more detailed way or have any questions about them.

Our administration team takes care of safe and effectively organized life in Norway and provide these employee benefits:

Travelling to Norway

We order plane and/or ferry tickets for you to get to your workplace comfortably. We put a lot of attention to the preferences of our employees when selecting the way of transportation and the travel times. However, travelling expenses are covered depending on the sector.

Local transportation costs to travel to work

Both, public transportation as well as traveling daily by private car is considered to be expensive in Norway. Main expenses consist of road taxes, fuel expenses, public transportation tickets and similar fees. Depending on the sector where the worker is working and the agreement with a worker, Europex tend to pay for all of these additional expenses.

Accommodation during your work in Norway

Depending on the sector, we either provide housing, compensate living expenses or help you to find the most affordable place to stay depending on your needs while you work in Norway . In addition, we take care of rent deposits, internet expenses and other utilities payable for the accommodation.

Insurance while working in Norway

We cover accident insurance for our employees while they are working in Norway.

24/7 emergency contact while you are working in Norway

Ability to contact us with urgent questions and matters about your job in Norway, your daily life and other matters. We can advice on unexpected financial and legal matters.

Byggekort (ID card for construction workers)

We order ID cards and give a detailed instructions on how to get them for our employees who work in the construction sector in Norway.