Coming to Norway With Children

Coming to Norway With Children

You should know that public bodies: kindergartens, schools, health care workers, first are trying to solve the problems with the child’s family, and if only they are unable to solve the problems then they have to inform the Child’s Welfare Service (Barnevernet).

According to the Kindergarten Act the kindergartens undertake to:

  • Provide education and training (in cooperation with the child’s family).
  • Ensure security (take care of a child).
  • Provide a translator when there is a conversation with the parents (to avoid misunderstandings).
  • Kindergarten staff obeys the confidentiality rules, e.g. not to talk about your children with other people.
  • Parents are responsible to report that the child will not come to kindergarten – this develops a better dialogue with employees.
  • Workers are confident that they will be notified of important events in what is happening in the family (divorce, death, etc., to know how to communicate with the child).
  • Kindergarten worker expects that parent will tell when the child was sleeping badly, when a child complains of unpleasant situation in the kindergarten.
  • Parents should notify employees about their expectations.

All children are entitled to free medical care.

  • Parents have an obligation that such assistance is provided. Health centers are free. Parents must take care of the child’s health. Other parents choose to visit the health center of the home country, and this is normal. However, the health center is committed to know what the child’s health is.
  • If you are coming to Norway and still did not register a child, go to the health center and check all the data, the vaccine passports and so on. Parents must take care of children’s health.
  • Parents have a right to request all the data of examination which is entered into the computer, this is not secret. Health center employees expect the cooperation of parents, that they will get all the information about the child (allergies, etc.).

Children have the obligation to go to school when they reach the age of 6 years.

  • Contact between parents and school representatives are very important, which takes place through the parents’ meetings, text messages, through a child on the phone. Parents have a right to request the translator.
  • Education is according to a Norwegian study plan.
  • The child can get the native language lessons in the afternoon.
  • If school is concerned then they contact the parents.
  • The child’s psycho-social environment is very important thing. In case of child bullying school takes actions.
  • The child should come to school not sleepy. It is considered that the child 8 years old – should sleep at 8.00 p.m. With each year, it can be extended by 30 minutes.
  • Before coming to school a child must eat healthy breakfast (vegetables, grains).
  • If a child is sick, then parents must report to school.
  • High quality clothes are important.
  • There cannot be any chips, cakes, cookies, lemonade in the food boxes. The main thing is to avoid sweets.
  • Check whether the child put everything to school (sports clothing, food, notebooks, etc.)

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