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Employee focus is a challenge most companies face every day.  Even though there are various techniques to handle it, it is deeply in our nature to respond to distractions and lose concentration.

Stress in the workplace

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In the modern business environment, it is practically impossible for any employee to perform only his/her own tasks and ignore what others are doing, because people often help out each other to overcome bigger  own tasks, because teamwork and company culture often dictates that they should help out their colleagues and strive to reach the common goal. However, this may distract from the priority work. In this article, we will provide you with several ways to allow core employees focus on their tasks and increase overall productivity.

Communicating the importance of prioritization

It is one of the most important things a manager should communicate to the employees in order to keep them focused on the most important tasks and not distracted by the other small things. Even more importantly, the priorities should not be plainly stated, but rather actively communicated so that the workforce could be better mobilized.

Effective employee specialization

Quite often one employee is performing many various tasks, and so his/her productivity may decrease, due to the time and energy spent while switching between the tasks.  Specialization offers such advantages as higher efficiency and skill level of an employee performing a certain task. In order for an employee to effectively perform several tasks, he/she has to master them all, and that takes time. Temporary staffing can be a good solution for specialization, since workers usually come with skills in a specific field, and can start performing efficiently right away.

According to David Sarokin, a Product Life Consultant at Chron.com, “Technical efficiency arises from a division of labor by reducing the transition time between tasks. A worker who completes painting a car, for example, does not then have to put down his painting tools and pick up the tools needed to assemble the car, as that job goes to a different worker” (Chron.com).

Keeping the expectations real

Quite common issue in HR management is extremely high expectations of the employers and high level of stress for the employees. Some employers have standards that are extremely difficult to maintain, which may cause stress for the employees. If the person is performing many tasks, stress is causing confusion, and the overall productivity decreases even more. Therefore, it is very important for the manager to have a realistic picture of what the production capacity can be and adjust expectations and standards to that level. Workers perform best when then they are exposed to a reasonable amount of stress, which is called eustress. The graph below represents the correlation between stress and productivity.

Graph: Stress in relation to performance 

Relationship between stress and performance

Photo Credit: Stress.org

Keeping the market fluctuations in mind

When an organization has a high season (for example, resorts in summer), or peaks in sales/production, instead of overstressing the employees that have been with the company for a long time, temporary staffing solutions can be used to deal with the extra workload. This allows keeping the organization in balance and making good use of the extra business that is out there in the market. Temporary workers can help to drive up the productivity of your company for the period needed, and the regular employees can handle it once it is back to the standard levels.

Do you have interesting experience about how are you dealing with stress and division of tasks in your organization that you would like to share? Your comments are more than welcome; I am always open for a good discussion!

According to the Department of Statistics of Norway, the Placement Services of Personnel industry accounted for 735,8 million NOK turnover in 2007. Many companies, which are looking for temporary staffing solutions, are struggling to determine the criteria for a reputable staffing agency. There are many ways to do that, but we provide you with the most important questions to answer before choosing a staffing agency.

1. Does the staffing agency specialize in any field?

If the company is focusing on one or several industries, it is more likely to have more knowledge and experience in it, and so they can offer a better quality service.

2. Does the staffing agency industry-specific experience?

It is important that the company has established themselves in an industry and have made contacts and relationships, and have a good reputation in the industry.

3. What is the employer’s typical temporary recruitment process?

An experienced company with specific knowledge in the field will know what qualities of the workers are necessary for a certain field so that the needs of your company would be met.

4. How long has the staffing agency been in business?

Staffing industry is rather hard to understand quickly, so the longer the company is in the industry, the better. Also, word-of-mouth is very important in this industry, so ask your partners or look for recommendations on the Internet in order to make the best choice.

5. How are you treated during the initial contact?

All companies must know that first impression makes a huge difference, and staffing agencies are not exclusion. Look at how polite they are, what kind of emotion they carry throughout the conversation. If you have a chance to meet them, look at their professionalism as well as humanism. Try to see what the atmosphere inside the team is. If you manage to read between the lines, you will be able to determine how they treat their clients and workers, and what the overall satisfaction within the company is.

6. Does the staffing agency understand your needs?

What kind of worker exactly do you need? Will you need seasonal employment, or a longer term employee? What are the specifics of your company? Take a look at how the company is dealing with the details, because it is a good measure of their professionalism.

7. How well is the company doing?

Ask for references; look up the company on the Internet. Temporary employment agencies work directly with people, so they must be good with people, and if they are not, people will most likely complain. Thus, do some research to find out what is the experience of other companies with that specific staffing agency.

8. What are your responsibilities stated in the contract?

Read through the contract and check if it does not have any unclear areas. If there is any suspicion, ask the company about it, and if they are not able to answer it clearly, they might be either not very good at dealing with people, or trying to hide something. In any of these cases, you are likely to find a more suitable partner somewhere else.

These are probably the most important questions to answer before choosing a staffing agency. If you are in doubt of how to determine the credibility of your partner, use this model to make your task easier.

Also, I invite you to share how you determine the reputability and credibility of your partner temporary staffing agencies. What criteria do you use?

Cost control is one of the top priorities for many companies to improve their operating margins. Many resources are simply wasted due to inefficient processes within the company, and Human Resources can be one of the major leak holes. To maximize the profitability of your company, we have prepared 5 strategies to control costs using temporary staffing. These strategies may not be applicable in all cases; however, we want to show you that HR costs, when managed with care, can contribute a lot to the effectiveness of the whole organization.

Convert Fixed Costs to Variable

Labor expense is usually one of biggest items on the Income Statement. Revising your company structure can help seeing, which of the positions can be transferred to part-time. This particularly works for industrial and services companies, especially for those, which have distinct peak seasons. Temporary workers are easy to hire & fire.

Reduce or Eliminate Overtime

Overtime is hugely expensive, so it makes much more sense to hire temporary workers to deal with job overload rather than having your regular workers do it. It can reduce the labor costs by as much as 20%, and at the same time increase the morale of your core employees, because they could spend more time out of work and therefore work more productively when they are at work.

Reduce Training Costs

Training and employee orientation is usually rather expensive and resource-demanding. However, temporary employment agencies usually look for candidates, which have skills and experience in their field. By working closely with the agency, you get the opportunity to hire skilled candidates and reduce or eliminate training costs for your company.

Minimize Hiring Mistakes

Firing process is even more difficult than hiring, so you want to make sure you hire the right people. Temporary labor agencies have strict procedures for screening and interviewing the candidates to select only the ones suitable for the job. Also, they try to work closely with the client to understand their needs and expectations, along with all specific requests.


All in all, these strategies in most cases are the cost control opportunities that many companies tend to miss. There are many more others, which will be discussed in future articles. What labor cost control strategies does your company use? Tell us in the comments section, and we will share our comments on your strategies!

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It is no secret that firing an employee is not easy. This is why temporary workers can be good for your business. Often with employee termination, we face emotional issues that some managers may find hard to get through. On the other hand, it is expensive. In many cases, letting an employee go means that you will have to deal with a lot of paperwork. You need to consider the period of notification, some additional expenses in the form of compensation. Also, it takes time to find a new worker. Listed below are the three reasons, how and why temporary workers can help your business:

It makes replacing an ineffective worker with a good one faster and easier

Letting go or replacing workers, can be time consuming and costly. For one, you will need to give a notice of termination quite a long time in advance. Also, you will need time to find a good worker for replacement and make sure you get it right. With temporary workers, the agency can help replacing workers more effectively.

Temporary employment agencies take care of the frustrating part of letting the worker go

To fire an employee may be really frustrating, especially if you really like them, but there’s just not enough work to keep the position. However, when you employ temporary workers through a recruitment agency, you do not need to have that uncomfortable talk with them, as the agency is the real employer of the worker and they will be the ones having that difficult talk instead of you.

It allows for adjusting your staffing solutions to actual market needs

Meeting deadlines is important for any business, but for some it can mean losses in fines. In such situations, hiring extra workforce might be vital. However, what do you do when the project is over? It takes advanced notice, and sometimes even remuneration expenses if you want to let these workers go. While just keeping them and paying for the time when no work is done can also prove to be quite expensive. Taking temporary workers from recruitment agencies for the project might be a good solution. In such case you hire people for as long as you think you might need them, and are allowed for adjustments. If there is need for more work to be done, you can extend the contract, if you see that the project will be finished ahead of time – just notify the agency, and they will take care of the rest.

Also, the increasing use of the recruitment and temporary employment companies in Norway shows, that this is a perspective direction to consider. Here is a little glace at the staffing sector growth numbers in Norway over the second quarter of this year: according to Staffingindustry.com, “the number of hours worked by temporary workers grew +11%. The industrial sector, excluding the construction sector, grew strongly by +40.7%. <..> technical services were also highly in demand, growing by +24.1%”. It only shows that more and more companies in Norway choose to hire temporary workers from recruitment and rent agencies, in order to optimize their staffing to match the changing market needs.

Do you have any tips or useful experience with temporary workers? Please share your stories below…

A lot of managers find that they are covered in paperwork, that rarely ads additional value to the main business. Quite often this busy-work keeps them away from much more important tasks at hand, which need their undivided attention. More importantly, as we often hear – time is money, and it is much more valuable if it is spent on important tasks that make the business grow, not when it is spent filling in various forms, declarations, calculating taxes or dealing with travel arrangements for the workers. Learn about three ways to save on personnel administration costs.

Simplify the administration process

When you have your own personnel, that is directly employed, you need to calculate their salaries, register them at tax office, keep track of all the legal matters. If you could hire a service, not a person, this process would be much simpler. Then you would pay for the service, and not need to take care of all the complicated paperwork.

Hire an HR person or a company that will deal with the administration of your staff

Unfortunately, this means that you will have to pay extra for that service. Even though it will add additional expenses, it will save time. If you value your time more than the amount it would cost, this should be a good way.

Rent personnel from a recruitment agency

If you rent your workers, the company will take care of all the paperwork regarding taxes, salaries, and etc. All you will need to do, is pay the invoice for hours worked at the end of the month.

Saving time and money on administration is easy. Once you choose the way you want to go and execute it, you will be able to focus on what matters most – your business.

Do you have any tips or useful experience with recruitment companies? You can share your stories below…

There are several ways to successfully find good workers, however a lot of business owners are having trouble with finding good, qualified employees while also focusing on their business. It is not only time-consuming, but also distracts from more important business tasks that need attention. The standard procedure in order to find a good employee usually follows something like this:

  1. the owner needs to post an ad,
  2. look through hundreds of CVs and cover letters,
  3. evaluate prospective candidates, conduct interviews,
  4. do their background checks,
  5. and only then make the hard decision of who is the best to do the job.

All this needs to be done while also trying to focus on business development, finances, paying salaries, and working on projects.

So how do you find good workers quickly and also manage to focus on your other day to day activities and business issues without a headache?

  • The answer is simple, and after reading the last part, you will know they key to successful staffing. Here are the best ways to find good, qualified workforce:
  • You can hire a professional HR manager to do all that work, and then you will be able to focus on other tasks at hand. However, this is quite an expensive way, as you need to be sure that you will actually need this HR manager to work full time.
  • You can hire a recruitment agency to find and recruit the needed workers for you. The service will cause additional expenses, but you will have professionals working to make sure you get the right worker, and you will not need to worry about the whole process and small details.
  • You can also consider renting the needed workforce from a personnel recruitment and rent company. In this way, you don’t pay extra for the service of search and recruitment, you will only need to pay for the actual hours worked by the employee.

Personnel recruitment agencies

Personnel recruitment and rent agencies are a great choice in order to save time, find good workers, and still be able to focus on the development and growth of your business. All they need to know is your requirements for the candidate and a little bit of time to do all the needed steps for you. It is a good choice, because people screening resumes, conducting interviews and doing background checks are professionals with years of experience in that area and big databases of potential candidates. All you will have to do in the end is make a choice between a couple of candidates, or even leave that up to the recruitment company, and confirm their chosen one.

Do you have any useful tips or experience with recruitment agencies? You can share your stories below…