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Working in the Norwegian Car Services

We are happy to have loyal and reliable clients who provide jobs in Norway since 2006 and entrust us, UAB Europex (previously known as Business Solutions International), with the search and recruitment of employees. International experience and other advantages Today, candidates are interested in job opportunities in Norway not only due to better pay, but

How the Norwegians work (photo galery)

Working in Norway is a goal for many people. State-of-the-art machinery and equipment, well-organized work. It is worth to travel to Norway to work, albeit for a short time, and gain international experience in car repair. In the article “Working in the Norwegian Automotive Industry” we described the specifics and opportunities of the jobs. Take

Things to Know Before Moving to Norway

For many of us, Norway is rather different from our home countries. Even the Swedes or Danes would have things to contrast their country to their neighbors. Moving to another country can be a challenge, but it is a much smaller one when you know what to expect. Here are some things that you will probably face while living in Norway.

Auto Workshop in Norway -
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