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3 Reasons Why Temporary Workers Are Good For Your Business

It is no secret that firing an employee is not easy. This is why temporary workers can be good for your business. Often with employee termination, we face emotional issues that some managers may find hard to get through. On the other hand, it is expensive. In many cases, letting an employee go means that you will have to deal with a lot of paperwork. You need to consider the period of notification, some additional expenses in the form of compensation. Also, it takes time to find a new worker. Listed below are the three reasons, how and why temporary workers can help your business:

It makes replacing an ineffective worker with a good one faster and easier

Letting go or replacing workers, can be time consuming and costly. For one, you will need to give a notice of termination quite a long time in advance. Also, you will need time to find a good worker for replacement and make sure you get it right. With temporary workers, the agency can help replacing workers more effectively.

Temporary employment agencies take care of the frustrating part of letting the worker go

To fire an employee may be really frustrating, especially if you really like them, but there’s just not enough work to keep the position. However, when you employ temporary workers through a recruitment agency, you do not need to have that uncomfortable talk with them, as the agency is the real employer of the worker and they will be the ones having that difficult talk instead of you.

It allows for adjusting your staffing solutions to actual market needs

Meeting deadlines is important for any business, but for some it can mean losses in fines. In such situations, hiring extra workforce might be vital. However, what do you do when the project is over? It takes advanced notice, and sometimes even remuneration expenses if you want to let these workers go. While just keeping them and paying for the time when no work is done can also prove to be quite expensive. Taking temporary workers from recruitment agencies for the project might be a good solution. In such case you hire people for as long as you think you might need them, and are allowed for adjustments. If there is need for more work to be done, you can extend the contract, if you see that the project will be finished ahead of time – just notify the agency, and they will take care of the rest.

Also, the increasing use of the recruitment and temporary employment companies in Norway shows, that this is a perspective direction to consider. Here is a little glace at the staffing sector growth numbers in Norway over the second quarter of this year: according to Staffingindustry.com, “the number of hours worked by temporary workers grew +11%. The industrial sector, excluding the construction sector, grew strongly by +40.7%. <..> technical services were also highly in demand, growing by +24.1%”. It only shows that more and more companies in Norway choose to hire temporary workers from recruitment and rent agencies, in order to optimize their staffing to match the changing market needs.

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